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Publishing Technology provides a range of applications designed to move your content forward in the digital era, combining the best solutions for both print and digital products.  Our revolutionary advance system supports royalties, permissions, editorial, production, online sales and marketing and digital and print distribution. 

Built on decades of industry expertise, advance is a strategic investment providing a flexible, modular solution that is product agnostic, cost-effective and can be implemented on a global scale.  With advance, publishers can integrate entire processes, maximize all revenue streams and transform from print to digital business models.

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Digital commerce creates opportunities for publishers to transcend constraints of content formats, sales channels, business models and geography.  But it also generates unprecedented complexity and risk.  Navigating this environment requires a partnership with a technology expert that understands how to turn these opportunities into profits.

Publishing Technology can help you monetize your content.  Our advance framework enables publishers to:

  • React quickly to emerging trends
  • Harness ever-expanding sales channels
  • Understand and exploit social commerce
  • Sell granular content
  • Maximize complex contracts, royalties, permissions and rights deals
  • Streamline operations through better data visibility

Let us provide the entrepreneurial framework so you can take your business forward and embrace the changing marketplace.

All Channels

Publishers accustomed to dealing with resellers now need to exploit both legacy and emerging channels.  You can no longer afford to ignore the end customer, but must tap into their social behaviors and preferences by adjusting your mindset from B2B to “B2B2C.”  The advance platform is optimized for multiple-channel distribution.  The system facilitates the development of multiple variations and derivative products while supporting social network integration, diverse revenue streams, complex royalties-management and aggregated distribution.

All Paths to Discovery

As bookshelf browsing is replaced by peer recommendations, content must be ‘present’ at all consumer touch points, with discovery facilitated through accurate, comprehensive and visible metadata combined with a seamless purchase experience.  The advance suite is built on best-in-class metadata management.  The system provides complete visibility to all users as well as a powerful workflow engine ensuring greater speed to market with rigorous product, rights, fulfillment and access management allowing broad strategies, varied product ranges and new opportunities for re-use.  A social commerce layer completes the transactions.

All Revenue Streams

Visibility and management of all revenue streams is critical.  Rights and permission income, direct-to-consumer and third-party retail sales must be controlled as traditional revenues are challenged and new streams emerge.  Drawing from the news media and music sector, advance enables publishers to collect micro-revenues many times over.  The platform supports multiple variations of a single product to be generated, marketed and sold, allowing for flexible, immediate launches into emerging channels.  The system also manages global rights centrally while supporting multiple currencies.

All Business Models

The expectations of consumers are no longer driven by physical bookstores but by the overall digital media experience.  Purchases of fragments, rentals, pay-per-view, flexible subscription models and samples must be supported to satisfy ever-changing consumer demands.  The robust fulfillment and access capabilities of advance enable all kinds of business models and harness all revenue streams.  Workflow management functions handle output of new formats at the click of a button.  Meanwhile, complex rights-and-royalties structures can be automatically adjusted.

All Content

Format agnosticism is essential.  Publishers are expected to provide a variety of formats requiring completely new processes for contracting, producing and feeding content into unique channels.  This global, multimedia landscape creates complicated rights, profit and royalty models to implement and administer.  With advance, publishers command a truly agnostic enterprise system, not a bolt-on to print-based software.  Our framework is built not around the book, but intellectual property at its most basic element, easily allowing for new product derivatives to suit different device types and sales channels.

Download the advance brochure or contact our publishing experts and learn how advance can move your content forward.

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